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32-below Franchise Owner,

We get many calls regarding franchising at Wonderland. We, at Wonderland, believe that our success as a Montessori school is because we are 100% committed to, and believe in, running an authentic Montessori Program. Our goal at Wonderland Montessori Academy is to eventually offer a franchise program and provide franchisees with an extensive support structure so that we can ensure the consistency of programs and services for the customers and in addition offer guidance to franchisees as they achieve their goals as business owners. We don't want to prematurely start offering the franchise program until we feel that we are 100% ready and can support our franchisees for their success. Even though we have seven schools with more than 1000 students enrolled (and are in the process of opening several more schools), we don't believe we're at the point where we can wholeheartedly support our franchisees and be a part of their success.